Hipberry and Honey Immuniser is a unique immuno-formula which with its superior quality raw materials (honey and dried rosewood) and an exceptional nutritional composition is a completely natural product for strengthening immunity, better digestion, better skin appearance and detoxification in children and adults.​


Due to the exceptional high content of vitamin C, besides its effect on the strengthening of the immune system, it also affects the strengthening and elasticity of blood vessels while stimulating metabolic processes.​


Vitamin C is important for smokers because their need for this vitamin are multiply enhanced. Immuniser also contains a significant amount of iron and folate from the group of vitamin B, which with their synergetic effect favorably influence the blood image, prevention and suppression of anemia.


Due to its excellent mineral composition and high glycemic index, Immuniser influences rapid and efficient lifting of energy when engaged in intense physical effort. The immuniser may have multiple benefits to the cardiovascular system. It can be used preventively, but also in treating various illnesses as an ancillary agent with the prescribed medication therapy.​


Regular use of Immuniser influences favorably on lifting immunity in children and improves blood count. It affects the sight, skin and mucous membranes, which is significant due to frequent mucosal irritations, especially the upper respiratory tract. It is also important for the growth, development and weight gain of malnourished children.​

Honey has been known as a successful and effective therapeutic agent since ancient times. Public medicine, many doctors and the pharmaceutical industry have long been using honey as an auxiliary for the treatment of respiratory inflammation.


The beneficial effect of honey on the digestive organs has been demonstrated, because it normalizes the peristaltic gut and relieves the constipation, and is also recognized as an auxiliary agent for hemorrhoid treatment. Honey can increase working ability and durability as it is a natural source of energy.


Also, it is an excellent tool for rapid recovery from fatigue or exhaustion and great help to reconvalescents. It has been shown that the use of honey raises the level of resistance of the organism, and it is also recommended as a powerful ally in preventive action.

Hipberry fruit is especially rich in vitamin C and contains vitamins B1, B2, niacin (B3) and carotene (provitamin A), vitamin E and minerals (potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, copper and zinc). Its outstanding composition makes it recognizable on the map of medicinal herbs - it's a powerful antioxidant.


Vitamin C is the most powerful anti-inflammatory agent, so it is a great tool for strengthening immunity and natural relief for the recovery of the organism after the disease. The richness of vitamin C makes the puppy participate in various physiological processes in the human organism, i.e. in fixing Ca in bones and accelerating detoxification processes in the body, then it acts as anti-suppressant and antistress and participates in many metabolic processes.

Agricultural farm Igor Đurđević proudly presents Immuniser as a winning combination of honey and rosewood for the whole family.​

Hipberry and Honey


Unique immuno-formula for strengthening immunity, better digestion, better skin appearance and detoxification for children and adults​