have created a unique immuno-formula.

Initially hobby, love and contentment, then inspiration with the wonderful bees of bees and at the end of the idea, they created a formula that combines honey, propolis and rosewood. As a completely natural preparation for strengthening the immunity, better digestion, better skin appearance and detoxification, the Immuniser is practically born out of personal need to care about health in a natural way.​

Hipberry & Honey



A completely natural product, whose composition can have multiple benefits for the cardiovascular system, gives energy and above all - strengthens health.

A completely natural preparation for strengthening the immunity​

After several years of searching for the right formula and expert consultation at the Faculty of Agriculture and with an eminent nutritionist, perfecting the product and finding perfect texture, taste and density, with the priority to preserve healing, it became a small mission of our farm.​

A unique immuno-formula for the whole family

Agricultural farm Igor Đurđević proudly presents Immuniser as a winning combination of honey and hipberry for the whole family.​